A fun topic of discussion when my friend, John Reed, and I are drinking is what we would do if we won $200 million in the lottery.  Here is how I would spend it…

Of course, it would not be $200 mil. After taxes and all that jazz, it would be close to 70 mil. Soooo, here we go.

2 Million – I would immediately give $100k to 20 of my friends/family members. (They would have to sign a forfeiture of rights to any money from me in the future though…)

30 Million – Although I would love that kind of money, I am not sure I would know what to do with it. So the best course of the action is to save as much of it as possible.

   $15 million in fixed annuities

   $10 million in equity indexed annuities, gov’t & tax free muni bonds and US treasury securities

   $5 million in a standard bank account

10 Million – gotta find a place to sleep, no?

   $2 million house in Cleveland, OH

   $500,000 townhouse in Markham, ON

   $1 million beach house in Barbados

   $2 million apartment near Kowloon, Hong Kong  (still tiny tho…)

   $3 million apartment in Rome, Italy

   $1 million villa-house in New South Wales, Australia (closer to Sydney…)

   $500,000 apartment in Vancouver, BC

3.5 Million – Furnishings and Art

1 Million – Although I would prefer easy access to public transportation, I think some new rides are needed.

   $200,000 – 5 Touring Honda Odysseys (don’t need a car in HK or Rome…)

   $50,000 – Ariel Atom

   $85,000 – Porsche 911

   $70,000 – Supercharged Range Rover

   $100,000 – 2 Land Rover Defenders (Cleveland and Australia seem fitting…)

   $70,000 – CLS Mercedes Benz

   $40,000 – 2 Indian motorcycles (Chief Dark Horse and Chief Vintage)

   $15,000 – Norton Commando Café Racer

   $20,000 – 3 Vespa GTV 300 (Now you have to have one in Italy, no? And I think Amy would one too.)

   $180,000 – Aston Martin DB9, oh my!

   $30,000 – Honda S2000 (to keep it real…)

   $100,000 – assorted Jeep Wranglers and Kias to smash into things with…

2 Million – Renovations to Otani’s

5 Million – Mom

1 Million – John Reed…no, really.

1 Million – Amy

1 Million – Start the Yee Scholarship Fund for the Arts

500,000 – NPR donation

2 Million – Start non-profit to help Asian Immigrants

3 Million – Funds for assorted bills, taxes, fees and fines

7 Million – This is splurge money. This is spent on whatever the hell I want…

   $50,000/year – Full Time Personal Trainer

   $50,000/year – Full Time Martial Arts Instructor

   $600,000 – 1/16 Fractional Plane Ownership (figures in maintenance)

While brainstorming ideas for Otani's...we felt as if we should have a cute cuddly creature mascot as part of the children birthday party package.

This is what we came up with...seriously.
This is not fun...apparently, my www is configured wrong on godaddy's site. to fix it, i had to reset the cname address. i have no idea what any of that meant...but it's supposed to work. so let's wait and bleed...i mean, see.
This is my first post. More of a test than a post...so with that.
Heinz, out.