I used to drink these in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Los Angeles. It's coffee made by expanding water vapors and then some vaccum process that occurs when the water cools. The coffee never boils thus it tastes amazing. Now, I am jones-ing it, BIG TIME.

Almost everything about using a siphon coffee maker is sensory involved: aromas, fragrance, motion, touch, action. Grind the coffee, add it to the top vessel. Add cold (or hot) water to the bottom. Put the bottom on a heat source. Add the top vessel with its attached siphon. Watch. Liquids defy gravity. The brew gurgles, but it's not boiling. Remove from heat source. Watch the coffee move back down, or "south". Watch the bottom vessel's brewed coffee gurgle as air is drawn through the spent grounds to release the built up vacuum. Remove top vessel. Smell. Pour. Taste. Insane goodness!
CoffeeGeek.com has a great page about the entire process...
BTW, those stove top espresso makers are called macchinettas and work on a very similar process. This is a good page that explains that process well too...
Realist oil painter Lee Price paints self-portraits of herself from an overhead vantage point, primarily in bathrooms while eating junk food. Amazing.

Don's Donut Shoppe on Urbanspoon
Hangover's suck. Last night was a guy's outing of ball-busting, cigars and multiple pitchers of craft beers. So while driving home, I checked my Urbanspoon app for possible breakfast locations. Don's Donut Shoppe popped up with the best rating.

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of donut shops, but I was in a hurry. As I pulled up, I immediately knew this place was the truth. Not only does it look like a mini cathedral of donut-dom, but at 6:40am, it had a packed parking lot. And as I opened the door, I saw a packed restaurant of veterans (indicated by their hats) and workers (indicated by their uniforms). They had an impressive array of donuts that actually looked pretty good. Then, there was the $3.99 breakfast special sign. 2 eggs, home fries, choice of meat and toast. Blamo.

While waiting with my coffee, it became evident to me that everyone there was a regular. The servers knew the names of almost everyone in the room and everyone that came in the door...and were cheerful and nice to all of them. The equipment was old but clean. I was impressed. When the breakfast came up, it did not look like your typical $3.99 breakfast. The eggs looked properly cooked and not all messed up. There were plenty of home fries and the toast was still hot. The bacon was a generic and oily but it didn't taste too bad. All in all, a good hangover cure. Oh yeah, the coffee isn't bad either.

Before I left, I tried a donut. When I asked the server for a recommendation, she said that the "diaper" donut was her favorite. It's folded like a used diaper and filled with cinnamon sugar and nuts. It was a cute concept, so I gave it a shot. When I bit it, the filled kinda leaked out. Not bad...worth trying and definitely funny.

Oh yeah, coffee + donut + eggs, home fries, bacon and toast = $6.50. Nice.
Tommy V's Pastaria on Urbanspoon
I am a simple man. Simple things like hand made pasta make me drool. So when I heard about Tommy V's, it was my first Urbanspoon wishlist item.

After several failed attempts at trying to get some people out there, Amy and I just went for lunch. It's located a few doors down from the Yours Truly that everyone living in the 44124/44143 area code know about. The interior was clean with only 4-5 booths. Much smaller than I thought it would be. There's an open kitchen and a display case full of desserts and fresh pasta (drools).

We started off with a large salad ($6). They split the large salad for us and it was still huge and generous with toppings of cheese, cucumbers and tomato wedges. We were both not a huge fan of the dressing but it was definitely not bad.

Next up was a slice of pizza...cuz you gotta try the pizza, right? The pizza was a thick, square crust that isn't normally our "type" of pizza, but it was well cooked. The bottom was toasted and not burnt. The middle was soft with a bit of chewiness. The sauce wasn't too sweet and there was an appropriate amount of cheese on it.

Amy liked her cavatelli with eggplant parmesan ($9), even though the pasta was too al dente. My spaghetti and meatballs ($9) were pretty good but the pasta was too soggy.

All in all, I liked the food. The place was clean. The staff was friendly. The prices are high for lunch. And the paper plates and take out containers didn't help to justify the prices either. It didn't blow me out of the water, but I will definitely try it again sometime.