In no particular order, other than what comes to mind...

1. Amy and her kettle corn
2. My Moms
3. John Reed making me laugh
4. Gandolf the Grey
5. Board meetings at the CH
6. The Justice League...and Kid Flash
7. Liga Privada cigars
8. Community. Don't f@ck it up, NBC.
9. Bear Boat Russian River Valley pinto noir
10. My body finally getting used to waking up at 6am
11. Chili Peppers Fresh Mexican Grill
12. Glenlivet 21, Macallan 18 and Johnnie Walker Blue (trust me, it's all one thing.)
13. Subway footlong oven-roasted chicken subs with extra peppers
14. Everyone i've met through W.E.
15. Tatuaje cigars
16. Negroni's
17. The color changing wall behind the Hudson sushi bar
18. Mr. Dan and his mutant power to fix anything
19. Audiobooks
20. George RR Martin...although it's more of a love/hate relationship.
21. Downtown lunches with JBM
22. Sokolowski's
23. Sunday night dinners at home
25. DnD
26. The Walking Dead
27. Chris revamping entire menus and then making bar shelves in one night.
28. The McKenzies
29. Skyline with Zimm
30. My iPhone
31. Halloween costume making with Amy
32. Li Wah's dim sum not getting any worse
33. Jeremy building my humidor
34. Waking up
35. Arie Shapiro and Ron Goldman
36. Masterpiece Mystery
37. NPR
38. Washington Enterprises
39. 20 minute naps
40. Eddie's Grille...nostalgia Americana
41. Sup Sam Yee, Karl and Master T
42. The Toons
43. Chinese dinners with the Family
44. Jason M.
45. Wonton Gourmet
46. Pallotta's Bakery
47. Coffee Colony
48. Down range time
49. Reconnecting with my Hong Kong peoples
50. Bill Murray
51. Partagas Cigars
52. Really great know who you are.
53. The ability to travel
54. Saffron Patch in the valley
55. Handel's Ice Cream...especially Graham Central Station!
56. Adam Jorgensen's crazy tattoo skills
57. Candied bacon
58. Vanilla bacon bourbon manhattans w/ real maple syrup
59. Great Harvest Bread - especially the cinnamon apple bread. Insanity in a loaf!
60. Seoul Garden - repping Korean food in Cleveland
61. Kimchee Chronicles
62. Unbroken
63. Finally finishing my bug out bag and car kits
64. The Booty Bandit
65. Mid Autumn Festival Ball
66. Couchsurfing
67. Sam and Marco
68. The Wedneday night Half Priced Sushi crowd
69. Sydney Bechet
70. Blue Mountain Coffee
71. Kuma's proper Japanese gyoza
72. Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery
73. The first 2 months of Wine Club
74. Monster By Mail
75. LifeFactory glass bottles
76. Pyrex food containers
77. Mario Batali
78. Karaoke Wednesdays
79. Mitchell's Ice Cream...their new local flavors are amazing.
80. The Swizzle Sticks Band
81. The Tony Koussa Jr. Band
82. The Survival Mom Website
83. Kwong's hot and sour soup
84. Marrying Amy
85. Ricky Pun's new attitude
86. Joss Whedon
87. Our house, especially, our kitchen
88. Getting beers on tap
89. Everything Amy has done for me
90. Having good jobs
91. FM 91.5, the Great American Songbook
92. Scrabble with Amy
93. Holiday traditions
94. Holmes on Homes...for scaring the $h!t out of me.

95. Game of Thrones and the entire Song of Fire and Ice series for ruining any chance I had at happiness and productivity.
96. Still enjoying martial arts after all these years
97. How I Met Your Mother...although there were some suspect plot lines.
98. Everything
99. The fact that you are reading this
100. Everything Amy has done for Otani's
New segment basically of questions i am not asked enough of. i am constantly amazed at the general infatuation with bacon yet there is an utter lack of care that goes into cooking it. Someone once told me they fry their bacon...with pride. FUQ that.

Here are my approved methods for cooking bacon.

1. In a Skillet - If you can, use a cast-iron skillet, but really any skillet will do. You also need a set of tongs/chopsticks to help grasp the hot slices and flip them. Set the skillet over medium or medium-low heat - bacon cooks best when you go low and slow. Don't crowd the slices, don't oil the pan and DO NOT pour off the bacon grease during cooking. When small white foamy bubbles foam around the slices and pool on top, that side is basically done.

Lay the cooked pieces on a paper towel to drain while you cook the rest of the package. You should pour off the bacon fat between batches...pour off, not throw away.
_2. In the Oven - Definitely my favorite option for when you're cooking a lot of bacon at once, It's also nice when you need the stove top for cooking other things. Preheat the oven to 350° and lay the bacon on a foil-lined baking sheet.

Remember: do not over crowd the slices. Bake for 20-25 minutes (depending on your oven) and then lay the bacon on paper towels to drain and firm up. Bacon pros familiar with bacon lattice or adding brown sugar for candied bacon should always do so when entertaining.

3. In the Microwave - HA! Just kidding. Only an asshole would do this.

4. In the Deep Fryer - Kill yourself.
_Tip #1: i NEVER EVER throw out bacon grease. They are great for a variety of things...such as cooking eggs in, cooking pancakes in, adding smokey flavor to greens or beans, or making bacon bourbon. YAY! Check this out...

Tip #2: Bacon always comes off the heat less crispy than they appear. Once they have been sitting out and the grease has been wicked away...they will get more crispy.

Tip #3: If you thought candied bacon was advanced...sprinkling grated garlic on top of bacon takes it to the next level. Candied Garlic Bacon = Rowdy.

Now that that is off my chest...time for a scotch. Enjoy!