In no particular order, other than what comes to mind...

1. Amy and her kettle corn
2. My Moms
3. John Reed making me laugh
4. Gandolf the Grey
5. Board meetings at the CH
6. The Justice League...and Kid Flash
7. Liga Privada cigars
8. Community. Don't f@ck it up, NBC.
9. Bear Boat Russian River Valley pinto noir
10. My body finally getting used to waking up at 6am
11. Chili Peppers Fresh Mexican Grill
12. Glenlivet 21, Macallan 18 and Johnnie Walker Blue (trust me, it's all one thing.)
13. Subway footlong oven-roasted chicken subs with extra peppers
14. Everyone i've met through W.E.
15. Tatuaje cigars
16. Negroni's
17. The color changing wall behind the Hudson sushi bar
18. Mr. Dan and his mutant power to fix anything
19. Audiobooks
20. George RR Martin...although it's more of a love/hate relationship.
21. Downtown lunches with JBM
22. Sokolowski's
23. Sunday night dinners at home
25. DnD
26. The Walking Dead
27. Chris revamping entire menus and then making bar shelves in one night.
28. The McKenzies
29. Skyline with Zimm
30. My iPhone
31. Halloween costume making with Amy
32. Li Wah's dim sum not getting any worse
33. Jeremy building my humidor
34. Waking up
35. Arie Shapiro and Ron Goldman
36. Masterpiece Mystery
37. NPR
38. Washington Enterprises
39. 20 minute naps
40. Eddie's Grille...nostalgia Americana
41. Sup Sam Yee, Karl and Master T
42. The Toons
43. Chinese dinners with the Family
44. Jason M.
45. Wonton Gourmet
46. Pallotta's Bakery
47. Coffee Colony
48. Down range time
49. Reconnecting with my Hong Kong peoples
50. Bill Murray
51. Partagas Cigars
52. Really great know who you are.
53. The ability to travel
54. Saffron Patch in the valley
55. Handel's Ice Cream...especially Graham Central Station!
56. Adam Jorgensen's crazy tattoo skills
57. Candied bacon
58. Vanilla bacon bourbon manhattans w/ real maple syrup
59. Great Harvest Bread - especially the cinnamon apple bread. Insanity in a loaf!
60. Seoul Garden - repping Korean food in Cleveland
61. Kimchee Chronicles
62. Unbroken
63. Finally finishing my bug out bag and car kits
64. The Booty Bandit
65. Mid Autumn Festival Ball
66. Couchsurfing
67. Sam and Marco
68. The Wedneday night Half Priced Sushi crowd
69. Sydney Bechet
70. Blue Mountain Coffee
71. Kuma's proper Japanese gyoza
72. Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery
73. The first 2 months of Wine Club
74. Monster By Mail
75. LifeFactory glass bottles
76. Pyrex food containers
77. Mario Batali
78. Karaoke Wednesdays
79. Mitchell's Ice Cream...their new local flavors are amazing.
80. The Swizzle Sticks Band
81. The Tony Koussa Jr. Band
82. The Survival Mom Website
83. Kwong's hot and sour soup
84. Marrying Amy
85. Ricky Pun's new attitude
86. Joss Whedon
87. Our house, especially, our kitchen
88. Getting beers on tap
89. Everything Amy has done for me
90. Having good jobs
91. FM 91.5, the Great American Songbook
92. Scrabble with Amy
93. Holiday traditions
94. Holmes on Homes...for scaring the $h!t out of me.

95. Game of Thrones and the entire Song of Fire and Ice series for ruining any chance I had at happiness and productivity.
96. Still enjoying martial arts after all these years
97. How I Met Your Mother...although there were some suspect plot lines.
98. Everything
99. The fact that you are reading this
100. Everything Amy has done for Otani's
One of my favorite sites for not over-the-top survivalist tips and ideas is WWW.THESURVIVALMOM.COM. It's chalked full of easy to use info and isn't a giant downer like some sites tend to be.
Lisa Bedford, who writes and edits the popular blog, features anything and everything you want to know about prepping for "what-ifs." Tips don't have to all deal with wtshtf-type scenarios, but practices that we can all use. Topics include:
  • Why paying off as much debt as possible is important.
  • How to stock up on several months' worth of food and supplies (cleaning supplies, over-the-counter medicines, shampoo, etc.).
  • Tips and ways to save money.
  • The importance of staying ahead on your utility bills.
A great site and definitely worth the time to check it out.
bactomavo sammy.
bare knuckle boxing.
nice cup of tea.
call it quits.
While hanging out last night at the Buckeye Beer Engine in Lakewood, Amy and i met up with our friend, Judie Vegh, who owns Frostitution Baking Co. All i have to say is "Holy Crap...'em's some good ass cupcakes." Moist, creamy, delicious and all around decadent.
Here is a list of some of her cupcakes:

Girl Next Door: Plain white cake with vanilla buttercream. Topped with pretty sprinkles. Delicately plain, surprisingly seductive.

Pearl Necklace: Champagne cake with champagne frosting topped with pearl dragees.

Backdoor Buckeye: An Ohio classic. Traditional chocolate cake with creamy fluffy peanut butter frosting.

Peppermint Schtick: Chocolate cake topped with peppermint frosting and little candy canes. Oy!

Rusty Trombone (formerly Salt Lick 'em): Chocolate or white cake topped with a sweet and salty caramel buttercream.

Pootie-Tang: White cake with delicious Tang frosting. Don't be a pussy. Try it.

Mofo: Chocolate cake soaked with homemade kahluha compliments of Libations by Larry, with coffee buttercream. Topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean.

BuCakie: Disgusting? Hello no! Messy? Of course! White or chocolate cake topped with marshamallow fluff buttercream, drizzled with tons of fudge and caramel.

Jungle Fever: Marble cake topped filled with vanilla buttercream and topped with chocolate ganache frosting.

Red Velvet District: Red Velvet cake with nummy cream cheese frosting.

Kevin Bacon: The best of 3 worlds. Cupcake, bacon, and the sexiest man alive.

The Molly Malone: An Irish whore, an Irish cupcake! Guinness stout cake topped with Bailey's Irish Creme buttercream and pretty little shamrock sprinkles.

Barry Cherry White: dark chocolate cake, topped with cherry buttercream with some slivered almonds. Who's getting some cupcake lovin' tonight? Ooooh yeah....

Nookies n' Cream: Chocolate cake, topped with vanilla buttercream mixed with some oreos. You can finally say, you did it all for the nookie... the nookie... so you can take that cookie and stick it in your yeah....

Das Booty: Jawohl! Was ist das?! Why, German chocolate cake with gooey coconut and pecan topping with a chocolate drizzle.

The Gold Digger Challenge: Eat a 9 inch tall cupcake in an hour and win an "I got serviced at Frostitution Baking Co." t-shirt! Get your picture on the Wall of Taint!
So good...even zombies love 'em!
_"The horror... the horror..."

I am not afraid to admit that I have apocalyptic survivalist leanings...bug out bags, emergency car kits and general preparedness are common discussions over a tumbler of scotch.

And as Eddard Stark says, "Winter is coming." So here are some tips on what to do if you are unfortunate enough to get stuck in bad winter weather while driving.
1. Stay in the vehicle. More people die after becoming stranded in a wintertime situation because they leave their vehicle than if they just stayed put. Survival experts recommend that everyone in the party remain inside the vehicle until help arrives. You’ll have heat and be protected from the elements.

2. Run the engine every hour. If you’ve followed the common sense rule of keeping your vehicle’s fuel level at or close to full, you’ll have enough fuel to run the engine for a maximum of 15 minutes each hour.

3. Use the dome light–sparingly. You’ll also be able to use the dome light for illumination at night – it draws less current from the battery than emergency flashers – and can be seen by searchers.

4. Clear the snow off the hood. Do clear the snow off the hood and roof so that your vehicle will be visible to searchers. This is especially important in remote locations. A car buried in snow is almost impossible to spot.

5. Don’t try to dig the car out. You’ll only wind up exhausting yourself and the sweat you work up will dampen your clothes – and keep you from getting warm. Be sure to clear the snow away from the vehicle’s exhaust pipe, though.

6. Ventilate the car. Crack the window to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning when you’re running the engine and car heater.

7. Contact help if possible. It goes without saying that if you have cell phone reception, call 911 and give your location – as near as you can. But remote locations often have spotty or no cell phone coverage, so be prepared to wait it out.

8. Stay awake, however you can. As the hours go by with no rescue, it’s easy for panic to set in. Try to remain calm. Sing songs, tell stories, read anything that’s in the car. You should be sure that you bring anything you need from the trunk inside the vehicle with you – and maybe that includes books or newspapers that can keep everyone’s mind occupied and allay fears. Stay awake, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends it to prevent vulnerability to cold-related health problems.

9. Don’t eat snow. Use an empty coffee can and waterproof matches to melt snow for drinking water, should you need it. Eating snow will only lower your body temperature.

10. Stay as warm as possible. Move your arms and legs to improve circulation. Wrap your entire body in extra clothing, blankets, even newspapers. Huddle together to keep warm.

11. Above all, stick together. Your chances of surviving the winter breakdown may depend on it.
This is what's in my Winter Car Kit:

Food Items
  • Sweet drink powder mix
  • Tea bags
  • Bag of mixed nuts
  • Chocolate candy
  • Candy
  • Salt, pepper,  sugar packets
  • 2 Gallons water
Food Tools
  • Enameled metal cup
  • Canned fuel/sterno
  • Eating utensils
Winter Tools
  • Rock salt
  • Shovel/Ice Scraper
  • Winter hat
  • Thick blanket
  • Pair of Wool Socks
First Aid
  • First-aid kit
  • Aspirin, Tylenol and Benadryl caplets
  • Alcohol Hand Wipes
Other Items
  • Matches
  • Utility knife/tool
  • LED-type flashlight
  • 2 Extra AA batteries
  • 3 Plastic trash bags
  • 50-foot roll of 1/8 inch nylon rope
  • 10x10 ft. plastic sheet
  • Duct tape
  • Hand crank radio/light
  • Jumper cables
  • Pen and Paper
  • Book
Cleaning Tools
  • Roll toilet paper
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Shampoo, hand lotion, bar soap
  • 2 Disposable razor
  • Extra pair of boots
  • Extra sweat shirt
  • Extra pair of pants
  • Poncho
  • Work gloves