So I got married 2 Saturdays ago and we immediately left for vacation that Sunday night. Arriving in Hawaii at 4am, we basically started eating immediately and didn't stop til we arrived back in Cleveland. Here's proof of our gluttony...
Breakfast on 1st day

Egg and Cheese Crepe
Mango and Fresh Cream Crepe
They are a chain, but it really started the trip off proper.

Crepe House - Waikiki
(808) 922-2201
2490 Kalakaua Avenue, Suite 6
Honolulu, HI 96815
Crepe House on Urbanspoon
Just cause.

Gotta try the Poke Salad...I got it extra spicy and it was slammin'! The inside seating was a bit too Hawaiian cheesy to me (and it stank a bit like mildew and fish sauce) we enjoyed our snack outside.

Hawaiiana Cafe - Waikiki
(808) 772-8879
260 Beach Walk
Honolulu, HI 96815
Hawaiiana Cafe on Urbanspoon

While we were wondering thru Chinatown, I came across a back alley food court...and I went bonkers on that shit. There were Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hawaiian and Filipino foods represented. Plastic chairs and tables galore!

Sweet and sour pig knuckles (top left)
Hawaiian chicken stew with carrots and potatoes (top right)
Filipino style adobo pork (lower left)

The food court entrance was on Maunakea St. You have to walk thru a mini bazaar to to get to it. (NOTE: they are mostly open during lunches and close around 4-5pm.)
Vegan/Vegetarian Option

Obviously with my Carni-meal over, we had to find something for Amy for have. On our way back tot he hotel, we stopped by Ruffage Natural Foods, which specialized in organic vegetarian/vegan meals. Amy got the Veggie Burrito. She devoured it must have been good.

Ruffage Natural Foods
(808) 922-2042 
2443 Kuhio Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815

Two days later, we went back for breakfast. Amy and I shared a Vegetable Sammy and a Peanut Butter Smoothie. Both were excellent. The preparation and presentation was simple but packed a ton a flavor. Definitely worth a try!
Ruffage Natural Foods on Urbanspoon

I have been craving a proper Japanese breakfast since my last visit to Japan. (8 years ago?!?) So when given the opportunity to try out a decently rated spot near our hotel, I jumped at the chance.

Amy ordered the Japanese Breakfast with only a soft scrambled egg. They gave her a salad as well and she really enjoyed the combination of pickled vegetables and the egg with rice.

I ordered the Grilled Salmon breakfast that is considered pretty traditional. I also added a side of natto with raw egg, so I could really put this baby over the top. The salmon was grilled well and the pickled vegetables added the perfect amount of saltiness and sourness to cut the oily fish. The natto was good. Not great. You could tell it was the frozen type but the with the right amount of green onions and nori, it still came together.

Yoshitsune (inside the Park Shore Hotel)
(808) 926-5616
2586 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815
Yoshitsune on Urbanspoon

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1/13/2013 10:39:01 am

I just had to tell you, the wedding pic of you and Amy is so great! Love the jump/ heel-click! Amy, you look just beautiful, and the black&white style photo makes it timeless. That it is from the"rear-view", adds to the interest, and feel of the photo. You are a great looking couple, and as you may have figured out ,I really love this particular photo. But I gotta say, it's the beauty of the wedding dress, and the joy felt ....basically gotta love that high jump& click!!! Lol! Damn ,you really got some air on that jump!

7/16/2013 03:41:44 pm

Yummy, that looks so tasty! I love curry with everything.

7/17/2013 04:36:57 pm

You have to start giving us those recipes because I'm totally drooling all over the place here.

3/6/2013 12:46:19 am

Yummy in your tummies! I wanna go there in my honeymoon... I really do. Everything seems perfect and careless.

3/6/2013 12:52:07 am

She seems so happy! Congratulations! Wish you all the best! Hope I'll get to taste that food someday :)

4/29/2013 10:19:15 pm

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6/24/2013 10:59:23 pm

i know that we've always wanted to go to hawaii on my honeymoon and i am sure I can always have it in the future.

7/8/2013 07:50:17 pm

I'm hungry right now how I wish I could try this one.

7/17/2013 03:36:20 am

You know, Hawaii doesn't look the way I imagined it would. I don't know whether that's a good or bad thing, to be honest.

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8/24/2013 06:15:23 am

Hotdog and burger buns...the quarter pound 70/30 patty...the cheapest hotdog money can buy.

8/26/2013 06:58:50 am

I would give the experience a thumbs up for vibe and authenticity...but a eeeeh for flavor.

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