Well, well, well...it looks like Akron is the place to be to get some authentic Mexican street food.

Hard to believe, but there is a small Mexican food truck on Elma Rd. in Akron OH. I found out while driving to my new dentist's office down the street. When I asked the receptionist there, they all mentioned they had never tried it, but heard good things. So...after my oral TSA exam, I checked it out.

Their menu was pretty traditional...tacos, burritos, and the like. I opted for the beef tongue tacos and the marinated pork tacos. ($1.50/each) Both served with green and red salsa (actual sauce, sans chunks) and a side of key limes, pickled onions and jalapenos, sliced cucumbers and radishes. Me likey! Amy got a vegetarian burrito ($2.50)...which perplexed the spanish speakers taking my order...but eventually, she got a "burrito con no carne". HA!

I liked mine...although a bit under seasoned...i thought it definitely had the authentic Mexican vibe down. Not since my last trip to Mexico have I had flavors like that. The marinated pork was better than i expected...but the beef tongue was not as fatty as I would have liked. All in all...I would give the experience a thumbs up for vibe and authenticity...but a eeeeh for flavor.

Amy thought her burrito was nothing to write home about, as it was simply a burrito without any meat in it..making it mo more than a shell with rice, avocado and beans. Given their propensity for under-seasoning, i can see why she didn't love it.

So, the next time you are in Akron (I dunno why you would be)...maybe you'll see the taco stand....and if you're yearning for some Mexican food...check it out.

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