02/18/2013 10:03am

I love to hate pinterest. If that is wrong, I don't want to be right. Miss you!!

03/25/2013 3:35pm

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08/14/2013 1:19am

I love hearing when people enjoy the food. Just wanted to make a correction that our $1.99 margaritas are on Mondays and Tuesdays! Hope to see you in sometime!

08/22/2013 11:09am

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09/27/2013 8:24am

It's a time thief! the pictures, like yours... are so mezmerizing!

10/01/2013 4:12pm

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03/13/2014 2:28am

Incidentally, Pokemon gave us the standard Watch TV With No Lights On Or Sit Too Close warning with the banned Soldier Porygon episode, featuring a strobe-like light that caused 685 children to have seizures or seizure symptoms. The light effect was removed, but the episode has never been re-aired or translated into English.

05/19/2014 5:50am

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